Surface Water Pumping

Ketek Infinity has the know-how and the equipment to meet a wide variety of water pumping needs, whether it be a large-volume water transfer, sewage or river bypass or emergency pumping and flood control


Water Transfers/Sewage & River Bypass

We can deliver large volumes of water wherever it is needed, winter or summer, from any source and depth. We provide the manpower, the know-how and the equipment to transport water from source to destination. We’ve worked for municipalities that need temporary river bypasses and for industries that require large volumes of water to be moved and for farmers that experience flooding. Short or long-term. Large volume or small.


Emergency Pumping & Flood Control

Sometimes it happens, whether to a property owner, a municipality or a rural county: the water comes fast, drainage fails or is overwhelmed and suddenly the water is everywhere. Ketek Infinity has the personnel, the equipment and the experience to remove floodwater.